October 05, 2020

President of Israel Mr. Reuven Rivlin
Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu
Speaker of the Knesset of Israel Mr. Yariv Levin


Since September 27, Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia have been subjected to severe aggression by Azerbaijan with active assistance and direct participation of Turkey, which supplies Azerbaijan with weapons and military equipment, as well as hires and transports jihadists from Syria for the war against Armenians.

Unfortunately, at the height of the armed conflict, Israel continues to supply Azerbaijan with the latest types of strategic weaponry. Weapons supplied to Azerbaijan today fall into the hands of radical Islamists and are used against civilians in Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia.

These facts negatively affect not only the good name of Israel, but also the attitude towards Jews in general, and contribute to the emergence of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiments in Armenian society, despite the fact that until now, Jews in Armenia have been respected and have never felt anti-Semitism.

We understand the issues of strategic security of Israel, the issues of economic cooperation and treaty obligations, but in the current critical situation where civilians and children perish, there can be no justification or explanation.

It is very painful that it is long-suffering Israel – relentlessly fighting against Islamic terrorism, that supplies weapons to those on whose side jihadist mercenaries are fighting. We hope that Israel will take all necessary measures to prevent the conflict from escalating into a global catastrophe.
On behalf of the Jewish Community of Armenia, I call on the leadership of Israel and all its citizens to speak out for the cessation of arms supplies to Azerbaijan and to promote a ceasefire and termination of military operations between Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia.

Rimma Varzhapetyan
President of the Jewish Community of Armenia